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PRVT is in need of an adoption coordinator, fundraising coordinator, foster parents....Please click Volunteer under the Support menu item to find out how you can help!.....But if you cannot foster or adopt, please consider donating to PRVT by clicking the Donate button because every little bit helps. PRVT and the Poodles thank you.
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Surrender Center

There are many reasons why people find themselves in situations where surrendering a dog must be considered. Personal finances, owner or job relocation, life and family changes, and training and behavioral issues are the most common reasons why dogs must find a new place to live.

We all love our dogs and want the best for them. The prospect of surrendering a family member can be a heartbreaking decision to make. We understand. We can offer guidance and support to help you to make the best possible decision. Your dog's well being is our primary concern.

Non-surrender options:

• Temporary foster homes

• Food and medical assistance resources

• Training and behavioral resources

If surrender is the only option:

If surrender is your only option we can support you with the understanding and sensitivity that this decision requires. We never charge a surrender fee. With our network of foster homes as well as access to other placement resources and rescues, we can help find the best situation for your dog. There is information we will want to know about your dog which will help in determining the best path for them.

"Sounds like she will be living in the lap of luxury and she deserves to be treated like a queen, she is an awesome dog and not a day will ever go by that I do not miss her and think about her. Thanks again for making it a little easier for me and for caring so much about my feelings...and I feel blessed that you were there..."

- a message to Poodle Rescue of Vermont after a Poodle was surrendered, fostered, and placed in her forever home.

Call or email us to discuss how we can help you:

802-497-4144 or .

Approved Rescue
Approved Rescue

Donations for Poodle Rescue of Vermont Surrender Events at Poodle Rescue of Vermont

Surrendering a dog can be an emotional and difficult decision to make. If you are considering surrender, please visit our Surrender Center to learn about the options and resources available to you.

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