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Meet Our Special Needs Poodles

These dogs are in foster with us and require additional services and expenses beyond the typical rescue, usually for medical reasons. They may ormay not available for adoption. Please consider making a donation so we may continue to provide the support they need.

Poodle Rescue of Vermont is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. Save your emailed receipt.

none PJ - Perminent Foster

Poodle Rescue of VermontPoodle Rescue of Vermont

Poodle Rescue of Vermont

In loving memory of PJ's mom, Karen.

A lot of time and resources have been invested in determining what PJ's long-term medical needs will be, and they are significant. In addition to regular visits with his team of medical specialists, PJ will be a permanent PRVT foster and will require the following medications, food and pet care products, administered in various forms on various schedules.

Ketostix - ketone urinalysis strips

Diastix - glucose urinalysis strips

Enalapril - medication

Novolin - insulin

Blink Eye gel - eye lubrication

Lasix - medication

Vetmedin - medication

Vetoryl - medication

Hills Prescription W/D food

Insulin syringes

Alcohol pads

Greenies Pill Pockets

Total ongoing monthly cost: ~$435.00

Is one dog worth all of the fuss? Of course. Every dog who comes into rescue deserves nothing less than the highest quality of life possible. Some dogs may require little effort while others will need significant support. PRVT made a promise to PJ's mom that we would provide and care for PJ when she could not and we will keep that promise. PRVT makes that promise to every dog who comes into our rescue. Poodle Rescue of Vermont is asking for your continued help with PJ's extraordinary medical expenses. There are several ways to help PJ:

- Donate any of the above items - Donate any of the above medications, food or pet care items to PRVT. Contact us at and we will personally assist you in making your donation.

- Click here to purchase the following items on our Amazon Wish List:

Insulin syringes

Greenies Pill Pockets

Hills Prescription Diet W/D food

Ketostix urinalysis strips

Diastix urinalysis strips

- Donate to PJ's medical care in any amount you wish:


A PayPal account is not necessary to make a donation. Poodle Rescue of Vermont is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible so please save your emailed receipt.

----- Previous Updates -----

Update: 2/26/2012

PJ was seen at Peak Veterinary Referral Center in Williston, VT, on February 23, 2012, by Doctors Marielle Goossens and Sarah Hoy. Both doctors were impressed with the way that PJ has responded to his medicines. Dr. Goossens says PJ’s Cushing Disease in under control. His blood glucose levels were a little on the low side. She is decreasing his insulin slightly. His blood glucose curve will be rechecked in two months. Dr. Hoy says PJ’s tear production is doing really well. It is even a little bit above normal. Because of this, she is decreasing his eye ointment to once a day. However, PJ has some early development of diabetic cataracts. PJ's eyesight will continue to diminish and eventually result in blindness. He will have his eyes rechecked in two months to monitor the cataracts for the appropriate time to start flurbiprofen eye drops. PJ will be kept on these anti-inflammatory eye drops lifelong in an effort to delay the onset of glaucoma and keep PJ comfortable. Cataract surgery is not an option for PJ due to his heart condition. Veterinary Cardiologist, Dr. Donald Brown, will repeat PJ's echo-cardiogram later next month to further evaluate his heart and blood pressure medications. Poodle Rescue of Vermont wishes to thank their many friends for their support for PJ. We will continue to need your support to maintain PJ’s medical expenses.

Update: 2/12/2012

PJis doing great! He has had a two month reprieve from the vets and their testing. They believe that they have his Cushing Disease under control.That is the reason for the two on his diabetes. His sugar level is a little high and they would like to bring it down some. His skin infection is completely gone. His eyes are doing nicely with the new medicines. He waste no time when diving into his meal. He will then hurry to the counter once again to get his insulin shot. PJ knows that he will get a "treat" once this is complete. If he is really cute about the wait, he knows he may get two--bonus! He is not as incontient as he was when he first arrived here. PJ rarely has accidents now that his sugars are better controlled. He appears to have lost some weight which looks nice off of him.


PJ has been receiving expert treatment from the entire staff at Peak Veterinary Referral Center and around the clock expert care from his foster parents Sue and Carl. With the tremendous effort from all, PJ's skin infection has been resolved, his dry eye has greatly improved, his insulin and Cushing's medication are still being adjusted, his cardiac medications are holding steady. PJ's activity level has increased. His foster parents were happy to report that PJ can now go down the stairs, which he could not do while not feeling well. PJ has even lost a little weight and everyone remarks at how great he looks. PJ has appointments 1 and 2 times per week, some day long when they are monitoring his glucose levels. Poodle Rescue of Vermont thanks everyone for the generous donations to PJ's medical treatment. We have exceeded the donations to date however PJ needs further medical care.

PJ stopped eating on Monday (10/17/11) which was a huge signal to his foster Mom that he wasn't feeling well. Poodle Rescue of Vermont volunteers arranged for pickup and delivery to Dr. Leroy Hadden DVM of Valley Animal Hospital who saw PJ right away and did blood work, chest x-rays and a urinalysis. The diagnosis, diabetes and an enlarged heart and a possible urinary tract infection. PJ's next visit was Peak Veterinary Referral where he saw Internal medicine, Dr. Marielle Goossens, DVM, Cardiologist, Dr. Donald Brown DVM and Ophthalmologist Dr. Sarah Hoy, DVM. PJ was started on insulin and kept overnight for careful monitoring. PJ was started on cardiac medications to help his heart do a better job pumping, new eye drops for his dry eye and antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Further testing will be done today to rule out Cushings disease which can interfere with the insulin treatments. Everyone caring for PJ commented what a delightful little poodle he has been to work with. Poodle Rescue of Vermont sends our sincerest thank you to foster parents Sue and Carl, (who are fostering Angel and Prince) for opening their hearts and home to PJ in his time of need.

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