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PRVT is in need of an adoption coordinator, fundraising coordinator, foster parents....Please click Volunteer under the Support menu item to find out how you can help!.....But if you cannot foster or adopt, please consider donating to PRVT by clicking the Donate button because every little bit helps. PRVT and the Poodles thank you.
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All About Fostering For PRVT

A foster home is much more than simply a place to keep a dog until it is adopted.

Poodle Rescue of Vermont

More than anything else – yes, even money – our ability to rescue poodles is dependent on the number of foster homes we are able to provide. Sadly, when we have no foster homes available we must say "no" to taking in more poodles in need.

Fostering is the most critical role in a dog's transition from the life they left behind to their new, often more promising future. Foster homes provide the love, support, and stability that these dogs need during a critical time in their lives. Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience, offering the opportunity to watch a dog often arriving from an environment of neglect, begin to blossom and thrive from your care and love.

Many people are unsure about what's involved in fostering and are concerned about the impact it will have on their lives. So, we have put together some answers to your most common questions:

• I could never foster! Isn't it too hard to say goodbye?

Every foster parent starts off with these exact thoughts. Yes, it is hard to say goodbye to a dog that you've fostered. But the joy in realizing that you have helped shepherd them from their former lives to a loving, "forever" home is immeasurable. There is sadness in parting, but there is also great pleasure in seeing them off, and following their progress as they adjust to life with their happy, new family.

• What if I fall in love? Would I be eligible to adopt a dog that I foster?

Yes. Part of the reason we screen our foster applicants so carefully is that we do not place a dog in a foster home unless we would also adopt to that home. In the event that you do want to adopt your foster dog, you would be required to go through the same adoption process as would anybody, and adoption applications are considered on a first-come first-served basis. But there is no restriction from adopting your foster poodle.

• What kind of requirements are there for fostering?

As much as we need foster homes, our top priority is keeping the poodles in foster care safe and happy. So we do require potential foster care providers to fill out a Foster Application, and we carefully screen all applicants and conduct a home visit. What are we looking for? A good foster care provider:

- Can provide a safe and loving home environment.

- Has consistently provided annual veterinary care and vaccinations for their own pets.

• I already have pets. Won't fostering be disruptive to them?

We have actually found that most pets are surprisingly accommodating to visitors! They will most likely enjoy the novelty and the companionship.

However, during the screening and home visit process PRVT volunteers will discuss with you the dynamics of the pets currently in your home and will often bring another poodle along to determine how accepting they might be of a foster friend. Every home is different and we carefully match all foster dogs with a home in which they are most likely to be fit in and thrive.

Some foster parents have commented that hosting foster dogs in their home has helped their pets to become better socialized. If they have a good temperment and are well-socialized, your pets can also serve as invaluable "mentors" to a foster poodle in your home.

• How long are dogs usually in foster care?

This is hard to predict, you never know when their "forever home" will come along! A poodle may stay in their foster home for as little as one week to as long as several months.

• Will I get a foster dog right away?

Sometimes. While you complete the application process, we will determine whether we currently have a foster dog that would be a good match for your particular home. If there isn't one at the moment, there most certainly will be one soon! In that case we would add you to our "Ready to Foster" list and when we rescue a dog that would work in your home we will call you to see if you are ready for a visitor.

• What kind of costs might I incur as a foster care provider?

None! Poodle Rescue of Vermont supplies everything you will need. All foster dogs are brought up to date on all shots and veterinary care, professionally groomed and provided with all necessary food and supplies. In addition, PRVT supplies moral support and is here to answer questions at any time of day. You provide the most important part: much-needed love and attention.

• I don't think my home is right for fostering, but I want to help! Is there anything else I can do?

Yes, we're so glad you asked! If you cannot foster there are many other ways to help such as being a driver, helping with mailings, fundraising, publicity, even sewing... the possibilities are endless. Please visit our Join Our Team page for more information on other ways to volunteer.

Yes, I'm ready to foster!

Wonderful, we can't wait to meet you! Apply Here!

If you have more questions, please contact us at . We are happy to communicate by email or phone.

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Approved Rescue

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Surrendering a dog can be an emotional and difficult decision to make. If you are considering surrender, please visit our Surrender Center to learn about the options and resources available to you.

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